Cameron Heights HOA

Home Owners' Association

A society enacted to provide services and maintenance above the municipal standard. 

Annual fees due March 31: E-transfer $240 to

By Cheque: PO Box 55012, RPO Windermere, Edmonton, AB T6W 5B4


Did you know...?

Allard Developments was the original developer in Cameron Heights. In order for city to approve planned additive features such as a block wall and rock in the centre boulevards, Allard had to form an HOA to look after such areas (so that these do not fall under City responsibility). Allard was also responsible for creating bylaws at that time. When the playground was built, Allard handed the HOA over to the community league board to “run”. At the first HOA AGM after this handover, many board members stepped down and new volunteers stepped in. This now formed an HOA board and a separate Community League board.

The portion of land to the north of Cameron Heights was then bought by Delta Square Developments and the small section of land at Clement Court traded hands but was under Holmes Developments. At this time, both developers were asked to join the HOA. Delta Square declined. Holmes added an HOA to their titles, but not the correct Cameron Heights HOA. To change titles at this time would require 100% agreement by all non-HOA homeowners. This is unlikely, however, many non HOA members contribute to our community in a variety of ways – through volunteering and through financial donations. (Community Composition – approx 100 non HOA residences (excluding rental condos) and approx 750 HOA residences) . 

HOA vs Community League